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Sensera SiteCloud

Category: Reality Capture
Works With: Build, Docs
What the Sensera SiteCloud Integration Does
  • Automates archival, sharing, display of real-time construction site images into BIM 360
  • Once configured, transfer is fully automatic and/or a la carte
  • Supports georefernced images or videos from Sensera solar/wireless site cameras
Integration Details

Configure Sensera SiteCloud for automated archival of real-time georeferenced images and video from Sensera solar/wireless jobsite cameras into BIM 360 for viewing, sharing, and archival.

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Sensera is easy to use
What do you like best?
It is easy to setup and going. The sitecloud Site is easy to set up and use. The tech support is very helpful.
What do you dislike?
I wish I could make the view range wider.
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
We are solving site security on Our construction site. We are able to see who comes on tour site even while we are not there
About Sensera Systems

Sensera Systems makes products for automated monitoring for construction and site security.  Sensera’s patented 4G/LTE camera products and SiteCloud help construction professionals with safety, site security, progress, project management, marketing, and as-built documentation.