Category: Project Management & Scheduling
Works With: Docs
What the MSUITE Integration Does
  • Displays Forge 3D model Viewer linked to BIM 360 Sheets in digital workflows on shop and in field
  • Syncs model and forge data to a cloud management system
  • Connects model and forge to shop equipment
Integration Details

BIMpro pushes model from Revit to Forge viewer with BIM 360 doc sheets to FabPro where users can view digital 2D or 3D drawings and complete work, including integrations with machines, track data and productivity through the fabrication workflow and send to FieldPro track productivity in the field.


MSUITE is a cloud-based management suite of software based on accurate productivity tracking. MSUITE’s products provide real-time, objective data that gives unmatched visibility into a project’s health. Check out BIMPro, FabPro, and FieldPro today!