Innovative Construction Technology

ICT Tracker

Category: Mixed Reality AR / VR
Works With: Docs
What the ICT Tracker Integration Does
  • Utilizing augmented reality, ICT Tracker enables construction teams to benchmark field installations
  • Deliver comprehensive construction reporting for real-time visibility.
  • Enable contractors to track construction projects, control costs, and make better decisions.
Integration Details

Integrated with BIM 360, ICT Tracker captures current data from the field for modeling and other data references. Providing real-time, mobile monitoring of construction site  installation status for scheduling, billing, installation, and productivity data for project estimation.

About Innovative Construction Technology

Innovative Construction Technology (ICT) is an augmented reality (AR) software company that brings AR to the construction site. With a focus on construction productivity, ICT creates software for the MEP contractor enabling them to complete building projects on-time and on budget.

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Low construction productivity causes cost overruns and project delays.  Providing project managers real-time visibility into labor productivity (the most prominent factor affecting costs), is key to solving this problem.