Category: Design Checking / Coordination
Works With: Build, Docs
What the PIM360 Integration Does
  • DOCS: PIM360 acts as the trusted data backbone and provides data centric access to BIM 360 Docs
  • DOCS: PIM360 provides the engineering data to accompany your BIM 360 Docs
  • DOCS: PIM360 + BIM 360 Docs + Forge Viewer delivers your digital twin!
  • FIELD: BIM 360 Field provides bi-directional field data capture for your engineering information
  • FIELD: Enriches the PIM360 data backbone with field photographs
  • FIELD: PIM360 can pre-populate the Field packages with approved/known data
Integration Details

100% configurable data backbone to manage Engineering information for assets

Integrates with content published in BIM 360 Docs, provides visualisation with Forge Viewer 

Interact between your models & your data to drive collaboration & assure integrity of data

Works with Field for capture of field data

About Datum360

Datum360 SaaS is used to define and specify engineering information requirements (CLS360) and then capture, aggregate, measure, report and share your digital twin on a trusted data backbone (PIM360).