Agile Handover

Category: Document & File Management
Works With: Docs
What the Agile Handover Integration Does
  • Automate construction project managed in BIM 360 into owner's O&M systems
  • Handover quality control for the owners
  • Resolve handover requirement issues through BIM 360 collaboration
Integration Details

Integrated Handover Repository automatically transforms a BIM 360 project and distributes the required content in to an owner's O&M systems. The product provides owner's specification management, data aggregation and cleansing, quality control utilities, and issue resolving capabilities.


About Agile Handover

Agile Handover provides technology and solutions to automate the transformation of project delivery into owner's O&M systems. We strive to achieve "same day handover distribution" and to be the facility information sync hub.


Learn More About This Integration

This paper describes how HHMI collaborated with Agile Handover to establish a Continuous Handover Program.